Cabinet Door Refacing

We have the largest selection of Thermofoil Doors in the Chicago area. These doors come in every style, allowing you to match colors easily. If you’re looking to reface your kitchen cabinets, thermofoil doors are maintenance free and more durable than wood. Thermofoil doors are made in one piece for aesthetics and durability.

We offer a wide variety of stain colors and painted doors all available with glazing. From painted to glaze finishes, we provide the best looking wood doors in Chicago. We offer frames and mullions with our custom art glass in various styles which can be sandblasted to show less of the cabinet interiors. For the experts in Chicago cabinet refacing, contact today.


A Sample of Available Cabinet Door Styles:

Thermofoil Cabinet Doors:


Thermofoil Cabinet Doors
Thermofoil Cabinet Doors Service

Wood Cabinet Doors:

These are are selection of our wood doors which come in various standard stain colors and wood species.

Custom glazed finishes and painted doors are available.

Wood Cabinet Doors
Wood Cabinet Doors Service

Cabinet Door Styles
Different cabinets can bring various aesthetic appeals to your kitchens and bathrooms. However, adding some more amazing cabinet door styles can make them even more appealing. You can trust our experts here at Refacing Pros, Inc. to get you wonderful designs and styles for the doors.
Who We Are
We are Refacing Pros, Inc., a renowned and well-reputed company serving the whole Chicagoland area. For decades, we have been on the frontline of kitchen and bathroom refacing, including giving them new looks with new cabinets, cabinet accessories, and styled cabinet doors. If you want us to refinish kitchen cabinets for you, we will be glad to do it and ensure that you get the right return on your investment.
What Cabinet Doors to Choose
If you have never given a thought to your cabinet doors, you will be amazed that you can choose between different styles. You can have a variety of options that Refacing Pros, Inc. can help you get and install on your cabinets. Whether you choose wood cabinet doors or other styles, we will install them for you.
Probably you have heard of thermofoil doors and would want to choose them. If yes, we have the most extensive collection of thermofoil cabinet doors in Chicago. These doors come in any style that you wish for, allowing you to match them to the rest of the room. Talk to us, and we will install them for you.
Which Cabinet Door Styles to Choose
The door style you choose depends on your tastes and preferences, and requirements. Talk to us, and we will install them for you. If you also need us to replace cabinet doors with thermofoil ones, hire our experts.
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